TCU Horned Frogs Tickets

TCU Horned Frogs Tickets

Come join one of college football’s most influential defenses as they build an ironclad wall that other teams can’t hope to defeat. When the TCU Horned Frogs come to play at their home of Amon G Carter Stadium, fans and sportswriters alike know that they are about to see a game of the year contender. Because when this determined team takes the field to defend their home, the game is going to be incredible to see. Head coach Gary Patterson, long time TCU favorite, leads the team with the strength and passion that only the greatest coaches of our time have ever met and you could be in one of the 45,000 seats cheering on your favorite players and celebrating every touchdown. Why wait for the highlights reel when you could see the game live and not miss any of the glued-to-your-seat action that’s sure to follow whenever the boys in purple and white march onto the field.

The 2019 season has been a series of hard-fought battles for the Horned Frogs, but fans are still cheering them on whenever they come home to Amon G Carter Stadium. The roar of the crowd fills the air from the moment the Horned Frogs take the field as everyone expects some of the best football action on this side of the NCAA. Even if you haven’t been a fan of the purple and white for long, you have already seen the commitment and passion that these players show in every game. But even their passion is outmatched by the skill that they show whenever they defend their home stadium. So if you love great football, then make sure you catch the Horned Frogs at their home games this season.

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What the 2019 Season Tells Us

Going into week 8 of the season, the Horned Frogs are sitting at a 4-3 average in the league (3-1 for home games), with an overall conference record of 2-2. For the most part, the Horned Frogs have won big and lost by only small margins including their 39-7 opening season win against Arkansas-Pine Bluff and their 38-41 loss against SMU in week 3. Many sportswriters comment that credit for this goes to the Horned Frogs defense which is one of the best in the league. Many teams struggle to get an edge over their lineup, with many passing and rush attempts failing to gain ground against the Purple and White. This isn’t to say that the offense is any slouch, as their week 4 game against Kansas showed where they were able to put up and incredible 51 points while only allowing 14 all game long.

As we enter the remaining weeks of the season and sportswriters begin speculating about what the 2020 roster will look like, it’s easy to see that the TCU Horned Frogs will be one of the most challenging teams that any football program will ever have to face.

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As mentioned above, the Horned Frogs have a stellar defense that’s hard for other teams to overcome. The defensive coordinators and coaches have a large hand to play for this reputation, but even the best coaching needs raw talent to work with. So here are some of our selections of the best players to watch on the TCU Horned Frogs roster.

Jalen Reagor

Junior Wide Receiver Jalen Reagor is a lighter player at only 194 pounds, but he has put up some great statistics in 2018 and continued to show his worth in the 2019 season. It will be interesting to see how many of his records he breaks in 2019, considering that he had recorded 72 catches for 9 touchdowns in 2018 with a recorded 1,061 yards, as well as 13 carries for 170 yards that led to 2 touchdowns. Reagor was well-loved by fans as early as his freshman season as he exploded onto the scene becoming one of the most well-known faces on the squad. As long as the coaches keep supporting Reagor, fans can expect him to shatter records for the rest of his career with the program.

Darius Anderson

Senior Running Back, Darius Anderson had an incredible run in 2018 with 124 carries for 598 yards and 3 touchdowns. Anderson answered the call when sportswriters noticed that the quarterback slot was in need. His skill and reliability led him to a 154-yard, two-touchdown performance vs Ohio State that fans are still talking about to this day. Anderson has faced season-ending injuries though that ended his runs early during his past two seasons. But the coaches know that as long as Anderson is healthy and on his feet, he’ll move the team up the field every time.

Lucas Niang

Senior Offensive Tackle, Lucas Niang is big and intimidating and has protected his team. In 2018, he had an incredible 0 sacks allowed that promises great things whenever he’s on the line. Simply put, Niang keeps his squad safe from sacks leaving his quarterbacks with plenty of time to find the best angles and passes. He’s also a smart player with an 86.3 grade who also earned All-Big 12 honors. Niang is tabbed for the first-round draft picks for 2020 since even the NFL knows that getting Niang is a strong jolt that any team could use.

Jeff Gladney

Senior Cornerback Jeff Gladney is another great player to watch. Don’t let his lighter weight fool you, he’s an excellent player who shows continued reliability. His record in 2018 led him to be one of the Big 12’s shutdown defensive backs with 12 pass breakups, 2 interceptions, and a forced fumble on top of 41 total tackles. As he entered the 2019 season, TCU knew that they would rely on his strength to keep the team’s legendary defense up to par.